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MotorhomesMotorhomes - Motorhomes from used to new class A. Motorhomes are a great vehicle for travelling if you can afford one. Details on a range of motorhomes including; Monaco motor home, diesel motor homes and more.

Class B Motor Home, Lexington (Click to enlarge)
Class B motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Class B Motor Home, Legend (Click to enlarge)
Lexington motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Class B Motor Home, Roadtrek (Click to enlarge)
Roadtrek motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Class B motor home information, characteristics, manufacturers, types and models of this kind of motor home. Also prices and places for buy class B motor home.

Class B Motor Home

Regulary called "Conversion Vans" or "Camper Vans", they are nice because they are short and can be parked almost anywhere. On the downside, these motor homes are usually limited in terms of comfort and space available. It is built using a conventional van, to which a raised roof has been added. Class B motor home may contain a miniature style toilet, shower, storage facility, and water container. Because of this, living for long periods of time in a class B motor home may prove difficult and uncomfortable. Versatile and maneuverable they are popular with couples or young families for travelling (RVing).


  • Size ranges from 4.9 to 6.4 meters (16-21 ft).
  • Sleeps up to 4 people, depending on the class b motor home model.
  • Easy to drive, easy to load, and can be left ready for a quick getaway.
  • All conveniences of home are built in, including shower, sleeping, dining and cooking facilities.
  • Useful for towing: a camping trailer could be towed behind giving you extra sleeping room for the kids or guests. Some prefer to tow a boat or a snowmobile, but it is also possible to tow a small family car.
  • Full stand-up room: this is achieved by the raised roof, and sometimes by the use of dropped floors, for extra head-room inside the class b motor home.
  • Fully winterized versions for winter RVing, include a high BTU furnace, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows.

Class B Motor Home, Forest River Model (Click to enlarge)
Forest River motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Class B Motor Home, Airstream Interstate (Click to enlarge)
Airstream Interstate motorhome (Click to enlarge)

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Different models of class B motor home

This is according to the manufacturers:


Brand names are: Bambi, Classic Trailer, International, Land Yacht, Safari.

Price Ranges: US$31.500 - US$120.000

Forest River:

Brand names are: All-American Sport, Charleston, Cherokee, Forester, Georgetown, Lexingotn, Maverick, Wildwood, Yearling.

Price Ranges: US$42.000 - US$76.000

Great West Van Conversions:

Brand names are: Classic, Classic Supreme, Sprinter Legend.

Price Ranges: US$34.000 - US$57.500

Gulf Stream Coach:

Brand names are: Cavalier, Conquest, Independence, Vista Cruiser, Ultra.

Price Ranges: US$40.000 - US$80.000

Class B Motor Home, Great West Van Model (Click to enlarge)
GWV Motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Class B Motor Home, Vista Cruiser (Click to enlarge)
Vista Cruiser motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Leisure Travel Vans:

Brand names: Free Spririt.

Price Ranges: US$35.000 - US$70.000

Home & Park Motorhomes:

Brand names: Roadtrek, Home & Park.

Price Ranges: US$34.000 - US$72.000

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