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MotorhomesMotorhomes - Motorhomes from used to new class A. Motorhomes are a great vehicle for travelling if you can afford one. Details on a range of motorhomes including; Monaco motor home, diesel motor homes and more.

Diesel Motor Home, Class A with Awning (Click to enlarge)
Diesel pusher motorhome (Click to enlarge)

Diesel Motor Home, Fleetwood Expedition Model (Click to enlarge)
Fleetwood Expedition (Click to enlarge)

Information about diesel motorhomes, difference with gas or petrol motorhomes. Models, prices and places where you can find diesel motor home for sale.

Diesel Motor Home

Diesel coaches allow for higher carrying capacity and towing capability due to the chassis and power train advantages. the differences between a gas-powered and diesel-powered motorhome (other than the type of fuel required) lie in the foundation of the motorhome, the chassis. Diesel motor home are built rear-engine chassis. Gas coaches are built front-engine chassis. Modern diesel and gasoline chassis both reach new levels of power and fuel efficiency and both types of motorhomes can provide endless fun and memories to last a lifetime.

Diesel Pusher

Diesel motor home could be divided in two categories; under US$150,000 and over US$150,000. There are many choices from almost all manufacturers in the under $150,000 category. Those diesel motor home models can be generalized by the 32-38', 275hp engine, freightliner or spartan chassis, air brakes, propane generator, manufactured wood cabinets with print grain, 1000 watt inverter/charger, two group 57 coach batteries and 5,000 lb. tow capacity. Typical examples of this class are Fleetwood Destiny, Winnebago Chieftan, National Tradewind, Holiday Rambler Endeavor, Allegro Bay, Rexhall Rose, Monaco Diplomat, Coachmen Sportscoach and others.

Diesel Motor Home, Monaco LaPalma Diesel (Click to enlarge)
Monaco LaPalma Diesel (Click to enlarge)

Diesel Motor Home, Winnebago Journey Diesel Models (Click to enlarge)
Winnebago Journey Diesel (Click to enlarge)

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PPL Motor Homes - Since 1972. The largest RV consignment dealer in the USA. Each year, PPL sells between 700 and 1000 consigned RVs. Large list of diesel motor home with details, floor plans, and photos. Pre-delivery check out and demonstrations. www.pplmotorhomes.com

Travel World RV - RV Sales, the home of american motorhomes. Travelworld offer professional advice and when it comes to carefree motorhome ownership, from the more basic motor homes to luxury motorhomes. Pre and post sale, enquiry form, holding the largest and most complete stock of new and pre owned american RV's anywhere in the UK. www.travelworldrv.co.uk

The other category is characterized by 36'-40', 330+hp, custom chassis, air suspension, air brakes, diesel generator, real wood cabinets, 2000 watt inverter charger, four golf cart batteries, 10,000 lb. towing capacity, and higher quality finish. Examples of this class are Monaco Windsor, Fleetwood American, Winnebago Ultimate, Holiday Rambler Imperial, Coachman SportsCoach, Allegro Bus, Country Coach Allure, Western RV Apline Coach and others. These coaches are serious diesel motor home machines. Large holding tanks, large fuel tanks, 500 amp hour capacity battery bank, large tires, weight ratings that allow huge carrying and towing capacity, high quality audio and video equipment, and other luxury features makes this category of diesel motor home a true "High Line". Custom paint jobs including matched paint jobs on the towed cars.

Diesel Motor Home, Class A Interior (Click to enlarge)
Class A Diesel Interior (Click to enlarge)

This class of coach is typically used by full timers or near full timers and usually covers 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year. That means usage patterns that require heavy duty truck parts used in the chassis. The price of a diesel motor home could be up to US$930.000

Diesel Motor Home, Monaco Windsor Model (Click to enlarge)
Monaco Windsor (Click to enlarge)

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