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MotorhomesMotorhomes - Motorhomes from used to new class A. Motorhomes are a great vehicle for travelling if you can afford one. Details on a range of motorhomes including; Monaco motor home, diesel motor homes and more.

GMC Motorhome, Classic Model (Click to enlarge)
Classic GMC (Click to enlarge)

GMC Motorhome, Greenberg Model (Click to enlarge)
1977 GMC (Click to enlarge)

GMC Motorhome is considered the finest kind of motorhomes ever built, today is still the best engineered motorhome available. History, specification, types, where to find GMC motorhome for sale.

GMC Motorhome


General Motor engineers set out to design the ultimate traveling machine. Drawing on the excitement of the times, this vehicle had to exemplify the cutting edge of vehicle design and construction. This was not to be just another recreational vehicle. The common design of the times for RV's was a boxy, ungainly, top-heavy vehicle on a truck chassis. The GMC motorhome was to be innovative in every way. Design work began in 1970, with release planned for the 1973 model year.

The emphasis for the design was to be on the travelling experience, not extended "in the woods" camping. This resulted in the exterior of the GMC motorhome being dominated by large expanses of glass. Visibility from the driver's seat is panoramic to say the least. The vehicle was to be manufactured in 23 foot and 26 foot models; fairly short for a motorhome. There were no permanent sleeping areas (at least in the original design). All beds were converted from seating areas when needed. Since the floor plan is fairly compact, care was taken in the design of the beds so they did not encroach on aisle space when opened.

GMC Motorhome, 1973 Motorhome Interior (Click to enlarge)
1973 GMC original interior design (Click to enlarge)

GMC Motorhome, 1978 Model (Click to enlarge)
1978 GMC (Click to enlarge)

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Alex Sirum GMC Motorhomes - A complete GMC motor home maintenance facility. Equipped with all the parts, tools, and expertise needed to repair, maintain, and customize your GMC. Located in Florida.

Types of GMC motorhome:

First Models:

The motorhome had a front wheel drive trans axle used in the oldsmobile toronado and cadillac eldorado with an oldsmobile 455 cu. (7.5 liter) V8 from the toronado, but the later models made use of the 403 cu in. (6.6 liter) V8. Both used the GM-designated turbohydramatic 425 automatic transmission, with a wide chain drive to connect the output of the longitudinally oriented engine to the transmission. The final drive was connected directly to the transmission, and power was fed to the front wheels using half shafts that ran under the front portion of the engine. The engine was fueled with regular gasoline stored in two 25-gallon tanks. 23 feet or 26 feet length, with about 90% of the total production of the GMC motorhome being the latter. The wheelbase from the front wheels to the centerline of the rear tandem pairs is 140 inches for the 23' coach and 160 inches for the 26' coach. Some names of those models are Eleganzza I, Eleganzza II, Palm Beach and Painted Desert. Price Range: US$9.900 - US$24.900

The Royale Models:

This one is distinct in styling and beautifully engineered. The royale side and rear bath models were lavishly appointed with spacious fully-equipped interiors. They featured rich solid walnut cabinetry, comfortable dinettes and lounges that convert to full size beds and bunks. The kitchen included double stainless steel sink, 10 cu. ft. refrigerator, 4-burner range with oven and optional microwave and food blender. The GMC motorhome front wheel drive, air suspension, tandem rear wheels and cruise control provide a quiet, smooth and responsive ride. Price Range: US$16.900 - US$39.000

GMC Motorhome, Royale Interior (Click to enlarge)
Royale motorhome interior (Click to enlarge)

GMC Motorhome, 1976 Model (Click to enlarge)
1976 GMC Motorhome (Click to enlarge)

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