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MotorhomesMotorhomes - Motorhomes from used to new class A. Motorhomes are a great vehicle for travelling if you can afford one. Details on a range of motorhomes including; Monaco motor home, diesel motor homes and more.

Motor Homes for Sale, A dealers lot (Click to enlarge)
motorhome dealer (Click to enlarge)

Motor Homes for Sale, Class B New (Click to enlarge)
Motorhome class B (Click to enlarge)

Motor Homes for Sale, 5th Wheel Used (Click to enlarge)
Used 5th Wheel (Click to enlarge)

About new, used, class A, B, C, diesel or gas motor homes for sale by either owner or dealer. Price ranges and best places for search for motor homes for sale.

Motor Homes for Sale

Buying a motorhome is exciting, and it's all too easy to make a mistake. It's very easy to let your enthusiasm get in the way of your common sense when you set out to look for motor homes for sale. The excitement and anticipation of owning your very own vehicle can make even the most sensible of us throw caution to the wind.

So, before starting out, spend some time drawing up a brief specification of the type of motorhome which you hope will fulfill your requirements, coupled with absolute maximum amount you can afford to pay for it. Then, when you visit a dealership, the salesman will be able to point you in the direction of motor home for sale models he has available which fall within you brief (this will save you wasting your time looking at motorhomes which are unsuitable and/or well outside your price range).

Vital points when looking for motor homes for sale:

  • Check the motorhome's registration document carefully. In particular, look at the model/type and taxation class details: avoid any motorcaravan whose vehicle registration document carries incorrect details.
  • People who look after their vehicles take pride in ensuring that they keep a detailed history of all services, Think twice before buying motor homes for sale which doesn't have some form of service history.
  • Tyre wear can be a good indication of a motorhome's general condition. Check to ensure that the tread on all tyres has worn evenly and that there are no cracks or splits in the walls. Don't forget to check the inside tyre walls (a torch will be useful here). Also spend time looking underneath the motorhome. Don't forget to check the roof. A dirty roof may be concealing damage, or breaks in the sealant.
  • Inside the motor home for sale (especially in the case of a coach built or class A) press the walls and ceiling firmly to check for are any signs of softness which would indicate possible water ingress.
  • Do not buy motor homes for sale in which any of the soft furnishings are missing because even if the dealer were to promise to get you a replacement, he's in the hands of the vehicle's manufacturer and it could take weeks, or even months for the replacement to be supplied.
  • Ask to see the owner's manual, and supplier's instructions for the various items of equipment in the motor home for sale.

Motor Homes for Sale, By Owner Class A with Awning (Click to enlarge)
Motorhome for sale by owner (Click to enlarge)

Motor Homes for Sale, A Diesel Motorhome (Click to enlarge)
Diesel motorhome (Click to enlarge)

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Types of Motor Homes for Sale

Here is a list of the commonly kind of motor homes we could find available for sale on dealers or by owners, with an average of prices.

New Motor Homes for Sale

Type Price Range
Class A US$80.000 - US$320.000
Class B or C US$45.000 - US$160.000
Travel Trailer US$15.000 - US$54.000
5th Wheel US$18.000 - US$80.000

Type Price Range
Class A US$135.000 - US$975.000

Motor Homes for Sale, Class A Gas New (Click to enlarge)
Class A Gas New (Click to enlarge)

Motor Homes for Sale, Travel Trailer New (Click to enlarge)
Travel Trailer New (Click to enlarge)

Used Motor Homes for Sale

Type Price Range
Class A US$42.000 - US$165.000
Class B or C US$38.000 - US$120.000
Travel Trailer US$11.000 - US$54.000
5th Wheel US$16.000 - US$75.000

Type Price Range
Class A US$125.000 - US$865.000

Motor Homes for Sale, Class A Diesel Used (Click to enlarge)
Class A Diesel Used (Click to enlarge)

Motor Homes for Sale, Class C Used (Click to enlarge)
Class C Used (Click to enlarge)

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